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The minutes roll into hours, the hours into days, the days into weeks and so on and so forth!  I have good intentions ... I always have good intentions but I don't always follow through on my good intentions!

I have been busy though.  Two of my 3 accreditation pieces are complete.  The mirror finish is so shiny I need sunglasses to look at it.1  The ring is a definite size N (whew!) and all the stones are where they're supposed to be and none have fallen out! Even the cranky owl seems to be coming in line now and I should finish him today.  I've had a few customer orders to complete as well.

It's been an emotionally draining week though because one of my closest friends left for Australia on Tuesday.  I thought that I'd left these awful good byes behind when I left South Africa almost 14 years ago, but it seems that throughout life, wherever you , you will say goodbye to people you care about very much.  Facebook, for all its faults certainly makes the world a much smaller place. When I left 14 years ago we had to rely on email and the odd phonecall.  Texting was fairly new as well then.  This time we get regular, sometimes hourly updates on the progress of their journey and their arrival.  What the weather's doing etc.  I even got a photograph of my daily kiss from precious baby Jake, who I miss more than words can say.  It's so hard to say goodbye to friends and family even with all this modern technology.  How hard it must have been for my ancestors in 1820 and later in the 1900s to leave the shores of Britain for the colonies, knowing that they would probably never see their families again.  Knowning that news of births and deaths would take weeks, if not months to reach the other side.  Funny how life goes full circle ... my ancestors left Britain in a quest for a better life for their children and we came back here in a quest for a better life for OUR children.  I wonder sometimes where my boys will end up one day - in the country of their birth or the country of their ancestors?  Now what does any of this have to do with making jewellery I wonder?  Nothing ... sometimes my thoughts just flow through my fingers and I simply can't stop them!

I'm itching for a challenge.  I want to make something I've never attempted before - to really push my skills to the limits. Any suggestions? 

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