Lentil Beads

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I have had such fun making little lentil beads to go onto bracelets!  I've made 2 so far and have been so amazed at how easy they are to make and how effective they look.  They're also sometimes called Pillow beads.  I'll be posting some photos soon. 

I'm exhibiting at the Ladies Night In at Sparrow's Den in Coney Hall tonight and really wanted to get some of my new bracelets finished but alas, there just weren't enough hours in the day to do it all! 

Am also frantically trying to finish the 3 Evaluation pieces for my Level 2 course.  They're on track with 2 finished and the 3rd in progress.  Mmmmm, the 3rd is the D shape ring with stones set in it.  Can't say it's been the easiest project.  It's the design part that floors me ... I'm one of those people like things to grow under my fingers as I work.  I can do sketches etc but my finished pieces don't always look like the sketches.  I haven't had time to work on the ring today so hopefully the design with grow on Monday!  As I'll be drilling great big holes into the ring I'm thinking I'll have to have another go at the drawing bit before I get the drills out :o)

I really must introduce you to my cats Twinkle and Thomas as they do play quite a bit role in my life - especially Twinkle - who quite fancies herself as the artist's apprentice at the moment!  Her latest passion is carting my paint brushes all over the house!  Keep finding them cropping up in the wierdest places!  I made each of the cats a name tag out of copper today!  Really pleased with the outcome so will be adding them to my repertoire shortly.

With that tolls the final bell and now I have to run down to the school in time to fetch the boys!  Have a lovely week end everyone!

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