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The 1st of November!  Wow!  Where has this year gone to?  Christmas is in the air and the orders are beginning to roll in, so it's busy busy busy for me!  I completed my Level 2 certificate last week end.  Four days of jewellery making and no kids ... it was GOOD!  I do love my kids, honestly - but it is good to have a break from them occassionally!  The week end was very intense and we started out a bit slowly and then found ourselves playing massive catch up on the last day, which started at 9:30, had a 20 min break for lunch and saw me finally leaving at 9:30 pm - totally cream crackered!  Now I have to get my head around the 3 assessment pieces which I have to submit in order to get my Senior Instructor's certificate!  Woo hoo - it's all happening!

The website is still not complete :-(  I'm sure I'll manage it one day - but it's not going to be today!  I think I'll have to train Michael to do the website - that way I can concentrate on doing what I love most and he can do the yucky bits like the website!  10 year olds are very useful sometimes!  I've found that I don't need instruction books for anything technical anymore - having a 10 year old is usually sufficient!

Anyway, on that note, the 10 year old can't finish the orders sitting on my bench, so best I get back to it!  Will have to find a spare 15 mins to hoover the carpet today as well as have clients coming in to do fingerprints this afternoon!

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